Flee Market.

"Oh, give me a home Where the buffalo roam, Where the deer and the antelope play; Where seldom is heard A discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day..."

Were Americans ever really that easy to please? I'll never know for sure.

I do, however, think we're getting back to longing for the simple things in life, a.k.a. things we took for granted before "the economy" became somewhat of a four-letter word. These days you're considered lucky if you have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and a warm place to sleep. Let's be honest, those things were always considered a luxury to the majority of the world's population.

Now, all of a sudden because Mommy or Daddy can't afford to buy you that top-of-the-line laptop, or because your dear hubby got laid off and had to use the money in your "Dream Vacation Around The World Fund" toward the mortgage payment, you're left looking and sounding like Maculay Culkin after his first run-in with after-shave.

I know it's tough. We're living in a first-world country and expect to be living like first-class passengers. But let's face it, the plane is nose-diving into the abyss and there's no magic switch or wave of a wand to make it stop. So, what do we do?

Well, first of all, don't panic.

Easier said than done, right? Not at all. It seems just as easy to do as it is to say!

Considering the level of media and overall public attention the financial crisis has received over the past six months, why aren't more people applying for citizenship in other countries?

Is the possibility of the grass someday being greener on our own side enough to make us hold our collective breath until this whole thing blows over in a couple of years? So far, it appears we, as a nation, have chosen to remember another four-letter word: hope.

If you lost everything tomorrow... your job, your home, your livelihood... would you stick around and wait for things to get better, or would you move on in search of a new land of opportunity?

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