Who's that girl?

It's been more than six years since my last entry on this blog. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this dusty space where I once wrote my ideas and thoughts to a somewhere-out-there audience, but I'm looking back on my entries with nostalgia and confusion.

You see, I have another blog. The other blog focuses more on my personal journey toward health. I abandoned that blog several years ago too. Same with my Tumblr page. And LiveJournal. And countless handwritten journals. 

Seeing this pattern of expression and silence is unsettling. I know my life has taken many turns with a variety of situations requiring my time and attention which could be to blame for the stagnancy of my various blogs. But mostly, it's urging me to consider how I expressed myself and processed my questions about life during those periods. Was I internalizing everything? Was I reaching out to friends? Was I avoiding processing or acknowledging my emotions altogether? 

These days, I have a few outlets for self-expression. (I won't go into it on this blog, but if you're interested in more detail, check out my aforementioned personal health blog here.) My passion for writing and blogging may have fallen by the wayside because I was busy exploring other ways to ponder and discuss the things that held my curiosity. It's possible, too, that I simply became distracted or demotivated. Whatever the reason, I'm curious if anyone else out there in audience-land has experienced this on-and-off relationship with self-expression...

In what ways to you express yourself? What outlets or methods do you utilize in processing your experiences, questions, emotions, or questions?