Here's a story. Let's see if you can relate.

At physical therapy today, I worked up a small, yet noticeable, sweat. Even though I'd taken time to generously apply the "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman" stuff before leaving the house, I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn't need to be quarantined or anything.

I've been next to stinky people at gyms... I vowed never to be one of them. So, as casually and discreetly as possible, I wiped my cheek on my shoulder while trying to get a whiff of myself before anyone caught on to what I was doing. Smell test: Passed.

*whew, that was close.*

Then, confident that no one had witnessed this very personal moment, I continued my workout. Less than two minutes later, I absent-mindedly glanced around the room and noticed a small security camera high in the corner of the opposite end of the room. Then, panic.

*omg, is someone watching me? did they catch me sniffing myself? are they laughing uncontrollably in a back office somewhere, making up nicknames for me, like "Pittney Spears" or "Stinky McGee"... oh no, I'm THAT girl.

Ok, so maybe I didn't panic quite that much, but some of those things definitely crossed my mind. I'm sure it's happened to you too, right? You're at the grocery store, picking up a few things on your way home from work, when you realize you only have a few bucks with which to pay. But instead of walking all the way back to the cookie aisle, after sacrificing your dream of gleefully dunking an oreo (or five) into a glass of milk later on that evening, you plant the box on a shelf between some cans of tuna and a bottle of spicy mustard. Laziness? Maybe. Is that such a crime? Well then, lock me up!

What social no-no's are you guilty of committing, and how often do you actually get caught?


Recently I've become obssessed with Overheards.

What are Overheards? They're little snippets of everyday conversation that you hear during your day, at everyday places like the bank, gas station, post office, public restroom, etc.

Some of them are amusing, but others may be downright disturbing, or, if you're lucky -- both!

While I love being on the receiving end of these gems, I can't help wonder if I've ever made someone's head turn with a little TMI.

What is the weirdest, funniest, or most embarrassing thing you've ever heard or said out loud in public?


Life is full of suckers, slackers, hackers, heartbreakers, hipsters, ballers, beatnics, yuppies, liars, lovers, wanderers, wisecracks, caregivers, spinsters, meddlers, movers, shakers, sheep, Kool-aid mixers, and more.

I don't know that anyone enjoys being labeled, but you can't deny that it happens, and some even argue that every society needs labels in order to function. What if the term "rapist" didn't exist? Does a label perpetuate a crime, or vice verse?

How would you label yourself as you are right now?